Huge Captured Market Base

All members get access to the P-Plus platform where they can discover and avail of products and services from P-Plus Merchant Partners. Since they earn points every time they buy, they would be more motivated to transact through P-Plus for their everyday needs.

P-Plus’ Bayanihan System also offers opportunities for growth in the market base as existing members invite new users for points.

High Potential Income

P-Plus product and services offering focuses on the daily basic needs of a member. With a huge captured market that is exponentially increasing, P-Plus guaranteed a high potential income for all our partner merchants.

Multiple Program Options for Client Attraction

Through P-Plus, Merchant Partners can offer exclusive deals and packages, discounts, and cashback to attract new clients in one convenient platform.

Conveniet Access of Client to Merchant Offerings

With the P-Plus application, member can now conveniently access all Merchant offering. They get updated of new promos via the app and encourage them to avail products and services from our partner merchants.

Dedicated Merchant App for Efficient Monitoring

P-Plus Merchant Partners will be given access to a dedicated merchant app for efficient monitoring. Through this, partners can easily upload promos and monitor sales and client orders.

Convenient Client Payment

Members can pay for transactions using payment channels like credit or debit card, GCash, or PayMaya. With the P-Plus E-Wallet and loyalty points, members get additional payment options that they could use for purchases from Merchant Partners.

Client Booking Expansion Opportunities

P-Plus also offers a convenient platform for deliveries or bookings through the P+ mobile booking.

Through GETTA, members can avail of the services of skilled workers or order food. Looking for cleaners, plumbers, carpenters, and other professional services is now made easier. If members want to call a doctor, dentist, lawyer, or professionals, they can just use P-Plus’ KOL-A feature.

Advertising Opportunities

Signing up as a P-Plus Merchant Partner also means that you get a reliable sales and marketing solutions partner. For advertising, P-Plus can help Merchant Partners through its Messaging Platform, which can do text blasts of more than 10,000 messages. Through P-Plus’ social media boosting for engagements and promotions via its Facebook page, Merchant Partners can reach and introduce their brand to new clients.

Sales Force Option thru P-Plus Advocates

P-Plus Partner Merchants get to have an external sales and marketing force through the P-Plus Advocates. Members can sign up as Advocates in at least 3 programs: health & wellness, green advocacy, mass housing, skills education, OFW advocacy, local and regional tourism, and customer empowerment

Partner Merchants who wish to avail of this service can give advocates additional commissions or benefits for marketing and selling their products and services.

With the modernizing market landscape, it pays to keep up with technologies and get ahead of the game. And P-Plus is committed to bringing new and exciting ways to connect with clients to help businesses achieve their goals.