PPLUS is a lifestyle card that earns you points for patronizing our services and gives you exclusive access to our premium deals and packages! The PPLUS Loyalty Program provides PPLUS Members with points through different ways, which can be used to avail different lifestyle products and services from our accredited Merchant Partners.

P-PLUS: A Lifestyle your Deserve.

Earn Points

Start earning P-Plus loyalty points when you purchase any products and services from our P-Plus Merchant Partners. You can use points to avail for P-Plus Promos & Offers. Check out the list of P-Plus Merchant Partners Here.

Get Exclusive Deals and Discounts

P-Plus Members will get exclusive deals and discounts for any products and services offered by our P-Plus Merchant Partners.

Enjoy Premium Services

P-Plus aims to give you the lifestyle you deserve. We make sure that our Merchant Partners can deliver high quality products and services to our P-Plus Members.

Points as Payments

You can pay using P-Plus Loyalty Points for your transactions with any P-Plus Merchant Partners.
When your P-Plus Membership expires, your unused points will remain under your name and will again be valid once your membership is renewed.
Not enough points? No Problem! There are many ways to increase your P-Plus Loyalty Points. Gain Additional Points through Referrals.
Help your friends have the lifestyle they deserve through P-Plus.
Refer a friend to become a P-Plus Member using your Referral.
Link and receive P-Plus Loyalty Bonus.